UPDATED: How Rob Koster's Decision to let Accused Money Launderer Hugo Sluimer invest Could Backfire

IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC Public figure, Rob Koster, the founder of Lexa , Kamernet , Covast Real Estate and re-developer of the " Anton Geesink Huis " in Utrecht is facing allegations that he may have knowingly accepted Investments from Dominican republic public figure Hugo Sluimer who is accused of money laundering and tax evasion according to US public records. Koster solicited an investment from Hugo Sluimer to fund the development of a real estate project in Harderwijk called " de Posterij ," despite being aware of the accusations against Sluimer. ING BANK N.V has a mortgage on the property. However, the Rabobank financed the construction according to  In the Netherlands, accepting questionable funds into a company is illegal and carries severe legal consequences. Money laundering is a criminal offense that can result in imprisonment for up to six years or a significant fine. Companies may also face civil liability, asset seizure and fines.